A Cancer Journey. Reverence for Life!

Problems are not always something you have to fall victim to.

This reflects why I wanted to interview NADIO GRANATA.

This time last year Nadio was in the midst of a battle with throat cancer.

He demonstrated vulnerability, honesty, fear and personal highs and lows with his compelling blogs which you can read (link in the messages)

In my spare time I complete these interviews and this one is an emotional roller coaster. As Nadio writes in his last blog:

“If you are reading this as a cancer patient, then I’ll not dress it up.
If you have been treated for cancer and you are reading this as a ‘survivor’, then you’ll know what I mean. And if you are related to someone who is heading into treatment, Your emotions will no doubt be all over the place.”

Thank you Nadio. This is your mountain, and you definitely climbed it your way.

To read more about Nadio and his journey, see his blog here https://nadio.co.uk