How it Works

So tell me how it works? There are meetings online on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 7pm.

Prior to attending, all members sign up to a non-disclosure agreement to assure what is said in the meeting stays in the peer group.

In each meeting you will have your own time. A chance to voice your concerns, seek assurance or work on a self-limiting belief. It could be the pressing issue that is stopping you.

Your fellow members then offer insightful, unbiased feedback.

During the meeting, attendees get the benefit of a learning slot. The topics are all designed to give clarity on a number of issues pertinent to men in Midlife.

In between meetings

You have the chance to enhance your membership by choosing to work one-to-one with a qualified coach.  This will continue to hold you accountable on your actions, or, help you decide the best next steps.

Everyone has access to a private group. There you can continue to collaborate with others who can provide accountability, support, opinion, or feedback.

Quarterly meetings and Retreats

March and September:  Habits and Goal Setting. All members are invited to join a larger meeting to network, collaborate and learn from a minimum of two speakers.

June and December: These are social sessions. Members are invited to a Summer and Christmas social event. A chance to network in a more relaxed environment.  It is a perfect chance to reflect on the half and full year achievements.

Retreats will also run to allow for deeper connections, exploring what’s possible.

Quarterly meetings and retreats are pay-as-you-go events or part of the enhanced member program.

Want to know more about how it works? Make contact now to start your journey.

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