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The Midlife Monthly Newsletter

A Monthly newsletter around Mindfulness, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and Relationships.  Delivered in the “middle” of each month.

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Midlife Men Mindset YouTube

Videos of interviews with people talking about the 5 fundamentals of Mindfulness, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and Relationship, and more!

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Prime Your Midlife: Podcast

A podcast on all things MidLife and focusing on our 5 fundamentals of Minfdulness, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and Relationships.

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5 Minutes of Morning Affirmations

Feed your restless mind this Morning with Positive Affirmations using this original 5 minute guided affirmation routine. 

Not only will you benefit from a momentary pause in life, you will also receive the power of affirmations.

Affirmations are statements of positivity that can help you to overcome limiting beliefs or negative thoughts. Start your day right in the morning, you can start a positive outlook before negative thinking can even take place.

The Midlife CEO Ebook

Mindset, Health and Fitness
for Male Business Leaders

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How to make the most of MIDLIFE Ebook

What is the Andropause What causes it?  How can I improve? 😃

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