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Isn’t it hard, adapting to Midlife?

You think life is racing past and you are not yet where you want to be.  Perhaps this has been triggered by a significant life event, either with you, or a family member, or friend.

Things are happening to you and your body that you struggle to come to terms with.  This could be weight gain, loss of libido, lack of sleep, anxiety about not being enough, or just trouble adapting to your partner, and the changes she/he might also be going through.

But it’s new for us all.  You have not been here before.  It’s time to stop working on you, by yourself.  It’s time to talk about where you find yourself, and you’ll be amazed by the number of people who are feeling just like you.  Not in “crisis”… just a different way at looking at things.  A new Mindset.

What about collaborating as a group of men, ahead and behind you in Midlife.  Who can give you the advice, challenge and support you need?  Stories or content like those on our YouTube. 

The company you keep says a lot about how far you can go in life. 

  • Are you always getting advice or inspiration from the same people?
  • How will you know where to grow?

Mix with new people, and you will find yourself challenged and motivated in new ways.  Go see How it Works.

The Midlife Men’s Mindset is a safe place to share challenges, be inspired, learn and be accountable to.  The objective is to enable you to live a life of freedom and fulfilment.

“Chris’ experience and guidance, I strongly believe, attributed to me being prepared for all the different levels of interviews and the submission of a report. Most importantly, Chris’s guidance that directly impacted my presentation to the Board was a complete success and the change in direction was all brought about by Chris’s influence!”

AA, CEO. Age 51.

At a "Men's Meet Up" you will enjoy...
  • A meeting every month (2nd Wednesday of the month) to talk and collaborate with other men in Midlife
  • A chance to share your own challenge
  • Impartial advice from like-minded people about what to do next
  • Meetings run from 7pm – 9pm
In between sessions you will also receive...
  • Access to a private group to help you solve current issues, or get connected to potential contacts
  • Invitation to join the monthly group coaching meeting (4th Wednesday of the month)
  • The choice to upgrade to include a one-to-one coaching session to discuss your actions
  • Invite to attend a Midlife Men Mindset Retreat. Here you meet other Midlife Men Mindset members from other groups. It’s a chance to make more connections, and be inspired to believe in One Life, Loving Life, Living Life.
Your membership - your choice
  • Decide your involvement, and you can blend your monthly plan
  • Choice of online or in person meeting formats