5 Fundamentals

To create a meaningful and exciting future

Focusing on the right things is fundamental.  We call these the Midlife Fundamentals.  They break it down in to 5 key areas:

Mindfulness / Mindset

Energy / Exercise



Plus the importance of Relationships 💙

Mindset / Mindfulness

  • Take the time to talk about your feelings and troubling thoughts. Perhaps work with a coach or meet a counsellor.  Or talk to your doctor.
  • Be positive. Age doesn’t mean you have to be cast aside! Middle age is a time of reflection, and making beneficial changes to your life style. If you read Think and Grow Rich it suggests the most successful men start to blossom when they are past 50! See this as a second chance to review your life and make changes in direction in a positive way.
  • Listen to your self-talk. You can not underestimate the power of the sub-conscious mind to influence how you feel.  What you are telling yourself with that voice that talks to you in your head?


  • Exercise regularly. That means 3 times or more a week.  And use a combination of aerobic and strength work.  Strength work is good for maintaining the production of testosterone. Remember your brain would rather you just slob out.  It’s up to you to take control.
  • Being with others when exercising is a powerful motivator.  It will also enable you to meet other men beyond your normal interactions. These people might also be experiencing similar problems and this can give you a sense of comfort that you are not alone.  Look out for exercise opportunities together in the Midlife Mindset Facebook Group.


  • Eat well. Make sure you eat regular, nutritious and well-balanced meals throughout the day.
  • Drink well. Drinking the right things, like water, and avoiding the drinks that will not serve you.
  • Taking Vitamin and nutritional supplements can promote better health. Vitamin B complex in particular is thought to be helpful for stress. Consider checking in with a nutritionist. You could be doing yourself more harm than good by suddenly adopting the latest social media food trend.


  • Possibly one of the most important of the Midlife Fundamentals. Having a regular sleep patter and respecting that to get to sleep, it needs a 3-2-1 plan. Generally the recommendation is to not eat 3 hours before you want to go to sleep.  No drinks 2 hours before sleep, and no screen time 1 hour before sleep.  If you are adamant that you want to use your screen, consider using a blue light filter so that your eyes are not stimulating your brain.


  • Find a tribe of other mid-life men. Talking things through with others can be really beneficial. The Midlife Men Facebook group is a good place to start,  There’s also good support through something like Andys Man Club
  • Sex might be changing, and not just for you, but also your partner. Don’t fight it, get used to it, and definitely don’t ignore it. Go for quality rather than quantity, and explore the possibilities of real intimacy.  Talk about what’s important to both you, and your partner.  And if things are beginning to sag a bit, or your libido is dropping, there are lots of ways that can be fixed.
  • Maintain good relationships. You will be under pressure to work.  Too often we compromise our personal lives and relationships.  Then, later in life, we look back and ask, why did I work so hard?

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