The keys to a Good & Long Relationship

How good is your Relationship?

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Simon Worth, Founder of Worth Talking and Executive Wellbeing Coach.

He brings many years of coaching, and communication to the table.

In this engaging episode, Simon discusses the importance of communication in a relationship.

Discover how there is a need for humility and the ability to admit mistakes in order to build a relationship based on trust and understanding. We highlight the importance of having conversations that lead to growth and positive change, and not focusing on being right or wrong.

Simon also discusses the need for both partners to work together as a team and seek to understand each other’s goals and feelings.

Watch it here:

Time Stamps:

1.36 Is Midlife a Crisis?

3.41 why do relationships end more in Midlife?

8.15 have middle aged men caught up to modern times?

11.50 Doing things because we “should”

15.30 Effective tips for communication

19.15 Are relationships worth saving?

22.45 Managing emotions in break up

29.15 How to park the ego

38.30 How to look after yourself after break up

46.45 Simon’s 3 tips for relationship success