Increasing awareness of ADHD

In this episode, I discuss ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder): what it is, the common myths, and how to live with ADHD.

I discuss this with Graham Summerscales who was diagnosed with ADHD late in life. He was curious after watching Jessica McCabe’s TED Talk “Failing at Normal”.

The diagnosis has had a profound impact on his life, and he now coaches corporate companies on how to work with people with ADHD in a positive way.

If you ever wondered if you have ADHD, or if you struggle with #anxiety, or low self-esteem, you have to listen. All these might be symptoms of ADHD. This episode goes way beyond an inability to focus, because ADHD is so much more.

This is an education in how your brain works, how focus works, and how to help yourself or someone in your life who may have ADHD.

Today you’ll learn:

• What is ADHD?

• How to live a better life with ADHD

• How a diagnosis changed Graham

• Resources and hacks to help you take charge over your symptoms

Graham’s website: Graham’s LinkedIn:… ADHD Foundation: ADHD UK:

Understand more about ADHD by visiting @HowtoADHD