Midlife Journal

Welcome to the Midlife Journal. A Daily Journal for Navigating through the Messy Middle.

Each page gives a unique daily prompt crafted to provoke thought and spark self-discovery.  Think in Ink.

Spending 5 minutes a day with your thoughts can make a big difference to your life, and of those that are important to you.

Keeping a record of personal thoughts and feelings is particularly helpful in supporting mental health by (WebMD.com, 2021):

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Breaking away from a nonstop cycle of obsessive thinking and brooding
  • Improving the awareness and perception of events
  • Regulating emotions
  • Encouraging awareness
  • Boosting physical health

What’s not to like about all of those benefits! 

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This Midlife Journal includes the following:

  • 90 days of journal entries to prompt you to reflect and also another prompt to encourage you to take action, all designed to be specific to a person in Midlife
  • A quote of the day to inspire and motivate you
  • One page per day for you to freestyle with your own thoughts, whatever might come up
  • A review page, every 7 days
  • A section every 30 days to reflect on your thoughts, what you have learned and what can be improved
  • A section to set goals, intentions and focus areas for the 90 days including a “Life Wheel” score page
  • Undated pages, so you can go at your own pace and start whenever you are ready
  • Ideas for a morning and evening routine

Choose to visit the Midlife Journal in the morning, or in the evening, whatever works best for your routine.

This journal comes in paperback and hardback format.  A gift for yourself, but also makes an ideal gift for friends and family members so they too can start their journey to a healthier, happier and more purposeful life