How to master your Emotions in Midlife, with Simon Rogers

Can you improve your emotional intelligence? Master your emotions in Midlife? 

Isn’t this what makes us human?

To find ways to get through life’s ups and downs with greater clarity and resilience? Could this be the key to midlife?

If you are a bit tetchy, stroppy, quick to judge, or just a bit fed up, is it time to delve into the untapped potential of emotional intelligence? To have more emotional agility?

To be able to manage BOTH your own emotions, and understand the emotions of the people around you.

In this episode, we are joined by expert Emotional Agility Coach, Simon Rogers.

Why listen?

1. Become more self-aware of what makes you emotional. And in doing so, improve your interpersonal skills for better relationships and communication.

2. Develop strategies to manage midlife stress, improve mental well-being, and be more resilient in adversity.

3. Strengthen your ability to create more success in professional and personal endeavors, with simple to adopt techniques and frameworks.

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