Life one step at a time. Relationship and Resilience

Life has a way of throwing unexpected twists our way, and when it involves a child not developing as you might expect, the path might seem daunting. Would would like to improve your Relationship and Resilience?

In this conversation with Kelly West, the Co-Founder of the ONLE Network, we discuss ways to navigate this challenging time, ensuring that your relationship not only survives, but thrives.

Kelly discusses practical tips and and shares heartfelt stories about how she and her husband James communicate when facing up to the challenge of their daughter’s Global Development Delay.

Whether you’re a parent, a partner, or a friend seeking to understand, the goal of this conversation is to provide guidance and encouragement.

So, grab a brew, watch on YouTube below, or Spotify this link and appreciate that in the face of adversity, love has the incredible power to transform challenges into opportunities for growth and connection.

Time Stamps:

2.45: Q&A about Global Development Delay

10.00 Lessons from past relationships

13.00 How to juggle life’s challenges

21.00 Keeping the ego at bay

32.00 How to be resilient

40.00 Future support for parents caring for a child with GDD

43.00 The joy of a child

49.00 Kelly’s 3 fundamentals for life